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Room Air Exhaust System

Raziol room air exhaust systems are high-performance aerosol filters for ambient air filtration as a support measure for infection protection


Special features of room air exhaust systems

  • High-performance aerosol filters for ambient air filtration
  • Support measure for infection protection
  • Particles containing virus are held back from the air through the use of mechanical fine filters
  • A filtration efficiency > 99.995% can be ensured through the use of downstream H14 fine particle filters
  • Digital or optical differential pressure gauge 0-5000 Pa for monitoring the filter condition
  • Differential pressure status display for each individual filter stage
  • 230 Volt technology
  • 1-3 consecutive filter stages
  • Step switch for adjustable volume flow from 1500 cbm/h to 2500 cbm/h and 500 cbm/h - 1500 cbm/h
  • Volume in dB for variants 2 and 3:  Stage 1: 55 dB / stage 2: 60 dB / stage 3: 65 dB
  • Optionally, the room air extraction can be controlled via an app
  • The time and the level of the volume flow can be set individually for 7 days in advance via the integrated weekly timer


Technical data of the variants