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Development in the sheet metal processing industry is signified by increasingly complex formed parts and the introduction of new, predominantly highly-complex materials. In face of these increasing demands, it is imperative that proficiency in the forming processes is fully maintained if the same level of quality is to be guaranteed.


The potential technical downsides resulting from a change in procedure or the introduction of new processes are that the required quality of the formed parts is no longer attained, or that this may lead to the tools or components sustaining damage. The main focus with regard to preventing these risks, and to improve your process conditions lies on the tribology. Tribological behaviour is dependent upon a variety of factors / influencing variables which must be examined on the basis of a target-oriented combination of lubricants and, for example, coating of the tool.

A step-by-step examination of the tribology system using our Tribometer 5100 (modified strip drawing tests) will contribute towards reducing the technical risk. Our innovative, self-sustaining strip drawing system Tribometer 5100, featuring a relatively small design when compared with conventional strip drawing systems, offers unique opportunities for strip draw testing in conjunction with the laboratory lubrication system.

Information regarding our oil film measuring device can also be obtained for optimisation of your processes.



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