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Driven roller lubricators


Driven Raziol roller lubricator types RB MOT-FK 180V, RB MOT-FK-P 180V, RB MOT-PF 180V and RB MOT-SF 180V may be equipped with optional felt or brush rollers which are supplied with lubricant internally and are designed for the oil mist-free lubrication of round plates and blanks.


For transport of the blanks for this product range, each of the top lubricating rollers are powered by a 180V motor, with a contact voltage of 230 V 50 Hz.
The speed is controlled via a potentiometer.


Driven roller lubricators “Motor Filz Kipp 180 V”Driven roller lubricators “Motor Schwer Filz 180 V”Driven roller lubricators “Motor PneumatikFilz 180 V”