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Roller lubricator with roller diameter 110 mm


RB SF (SB)-SW and RB TSF (TSB)-SW roller lubricators with quick-change configuration may be equipped with optional felt or brush rollers featuring a roller diameter of 110 mm which are supplied with lubricant internally.


The lubricating rollers featuring a diameter of 110 mm have been developed for greater feed distances (up to 1000 mm), low stroke rates (up to 80 strokes/min) and material thicknesses of up to 10 mm. They can be used for lubrication widths of up to a max. 1300 mm without any problems.


The surface contact between rollers and coil material allows an oil mist-free application of the forming lubricant.

The surface contact between lubricating rollers and sheet metal surfaces can be effected as follows:

  • Placement of top roller onto the material via pneumatic cylinders
  • Placement of top and bottom roller onto the material via pneumatic cylinders


 Roller lubricator “Schwerfilz(Schwerbürste)-Schnellwechsler” featuring roller diameter 110 mmRoller lubricator “Transfer Schwerfilz(Schwerbürste)-Schnellwechsler” featuring roller diameter 110 mm