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Raziol CLF 12 (evaporating)


The Raziol CLF 12 ... series was developed specifically with a view to preventing solvent emissions. "None of the products of the CLF 12 ... series are subject to the 31st Federal Emissions Control Act and issues regarding solvent balance therefore do not have to be considered."


The evaporating metal forming oils for non-cutting operations consist of special low-aromatic evaporating hydrocarbons with performance-enhancing additives. These additives are selected and balanced to give the oils a particularly high lubricating and pressure absorption capability. That prolongs the service life of the tools and improves the surface finish of the produced workpieces. All Raziol CLF 12… W products contain an admixture of short-term anticorrosive for indoor storage.


 Raziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 12 seriesRaziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 12 seriesRaziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 12 series


The listed products evaporate in a relatively short time, depending on the additive content, and leave the additive on the surface of the workpiece. Meticulous selection of low aromatic content base fluids in correlation with additives free from heavy metals will contribute to improving the overall working environment.

The flash point for the Raziol CLF 12… series has been set to ensure that none of the products from this range are subject to hazardous materials regulations, allowing them to be transported under simplified conditions.


Raziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 12 series