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Lubricating points


Raziol lubricating points with a precision coaxial spray head incorporating an articulated holder and magnet base for positioning the “spray jet” are suitable for both use with Raziol control units for non-cutting machining such as deep drawing, stamping and bending and cutting machining such as drilling and milling.


The Raziol lubricating points are used in conjunction with Raziol control units for non-cutting and cutting metalworking applications.

A variety of nozzle attachments featuring various diameters are used for different oil volumes and viscosities.

Precision spraying head extensions in different lengths and diameters enable exact lubrication.



Raziol LAMA-1000 “ST LAMA-1000” lubricating pointRaziol LAMA-4000 “ST LAMA-4000” lubricating pointRaziol LAMA-3000 “ST LAMA-3000” lubricating pointCD-95/105 “ST CD-95/105” lubricating point