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Evaporating stamping and drawing oils

For stamping and drawing with varying levels of additives


The evaporating stamping and drawing oils are used, for example during the manufacture of stamping and bending parts, springs, wires, clocks or elements for communication technology. The main objective here is to ensure that no residue, or a bare minimum of residue remains on the part, allowing the follow-up processes in a best-case scenario to be implemented without the need for upstream washing.

The evaporating metal forming oils for non-cutting operations consist of special low-aromatic evaporating hydrocarbons with performance-enhancing additives. These additives are selected to give the oils a particularly high lubricating and pressure absorption capability.
That prolongs the service life of the tools and improves the surface finish of the produced workpieces. Depending on the respective additive content, the listed products evaporate in a relatively short period of time. The amount of additive which remains on the surface of the workpiece depends upon the respective quantity applied.


Raziol forming lubricants - Evaporating stamping and drawing oilsRaziol forming lubricants - Evaporating stamping and drawing oils



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